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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Great Again

America, they’ve given you all and now they’re nothing.
America, it’s been a long time since Ginsberg. Now the Cold War is over.
America, is it over?
I’m afraid these “damn bad Russians” are still out there.
Well, I think it’s time to play Risk again. I want Syria.

America, social democracy, socialism, communism… What’s even the difference?
America, their only purpose is to take down your Home Shopping Network.
Don’t let them.
You still have six hundred ‘Fat Men’ pointing all over the planet to protect you, us… who?

America, have you seen the condition of your sidewalks and roads?  
The electricity lines hanging off those old wooden poles?
Don’t you notice the physical and mental degradation of your homeless ghosts?
America, isn’t it crazy the amount of hours your folks spend at work?
America, why aren’t you shining anymore?

America, type two diabetes, obesity and hypertension.
America, chicken wings $0.75 each?
And the wonder pills announced an advertisement after the chicken wings are chronifying your life,
and the law firm announced an advertisement after the wonder pills
is taking profit of its side effects,
America, is this your dream?

America, thanks for civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr., Harvard, Hemingway, and Harper Lee;
thanks for taking care of Tesla and Einstein;
America, thanks for Tarantino!
Now, where are the civil rights of the people that lie dying in your streets?
America, your blacks are being legally killed,
your women getting raped on your campuses —keep an eye on those Mexicans—,
Hemingway and Harper Lee are dead,
your six hundred “Fat Men” bother me,
and Tarantino: The Hateful Eight…

America, “fight crime, buy a gun”?
Stop shooting. You shoot ‘cause you are afraid.
America, do you really need to be chronically scared?
America, I am afraid your fear scares me and I am therefore afraid.
America, is global unprivacy a way to safety?
America, drone politics isn’t the lesser of two evils, it’s crime!
America, I’ve already seen your soldiers, now please show me your real men,
those who stare at goats; I want to be a Jedi!
America, world peace and bombs are antonyms.

America, your stars and starlets shouldn’t be the moral authority for equality, tolerance and feminism,
these are mundane problems and stars belong to heaven.
America, sexism, racism, despotism, and lack of ethics and aesthetics won’t make your great again.
Oh, I miss you Bernie!
America, the wall is already built.
America, stop telling me I’m a utopian every time I argue with you!
Don’t camouflage your lack of justice with my lack of realism.

America and these damn bad rapist Mexicans.
You better grab them by the pussy…
Show them how real men respect women!
America, he is now your president.

Oh… I am not tipping your waitresses, and I am not sorry.
I don’t support prostitution of any kind, including kindness.
“Tip credit” counting as part of the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25/hour is the problem.
Why did the Mayflower have to be full of Puritans?
America, don’t justify poverty.

California, why don’t you secede?
You might then colonize the Wild East.
Canada, you should build a wall.
Europe, you won’t be raped by Zeus anymore.
Europe, Zeus is no longer a bull, but an orange pussy grabber.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014